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This is our press kit, we aim to provide you with information about our new product and startup.

We’ve all been there, we’ve had a busy day, we’ve had 101 things to do, we’ve put something down in a ‘safe’ place – a place where we’ll ‘remember’ it. But after many unforeseen distractions, we’ve forgotten where that ‘safe’ place was. We’ve retraced our steps, checked places we all know that it’s not going to be, but we’ll do it anyway. Just in case. It’s been a long stressful search. Maybe we’ve found it. Maybe we’ve resigned to the fact that it will turn up eventually..

The Solution

Now, you can retrace your steps! Navigito is a device that connects with your iPhone. The phone and device are in constant communication with each whilst in proximity. If you start to move away from it, your smartphone will notify you!

Whether you attach it to your hand luggage or hold luggage or both, you can be safe with the knowledge that Navigito doesn’t use WI-FI or your precious 4G mobile data, which means you can take and track it aboard. Taking it on your commute? Don’t worry Bluetooth technology still works underground!

Navigito has a range of up to 100m, I know. It’s difficult to imagine, so let’s put this into context. The height of Big Ben is 96m, so as you can imagine that is a fair amount of distance. Battery Life. I’m sure it was on your mind from the start. Because Navigito is using bluetooth low energy technology (BLE), it doesn’t consume the same amount of energy that standard bluetooth devices do, and the battery lasts for approximately a year.

Our Company

Navigito is an innovative young startup company that aims to launch our product by December 2016. We currently in the middle of user testing to give the best possible experience to you on product launch! The business is currently located in Winchester with the hope of relocating to London in the latter part of 2017. The product is manufactured in China.

The Team

Craig Johnston (Founder): Freelance graphic designer and app developer with a Foundation in Art and Design.

Timothy Cole (Co Founder)


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